Ordering records from the Polish State Archives

Ordering Records from the Polish State Archives

Jewish Records Indexing - Poland and the Polish State Archives (PSA) entered into an Agreement in September 2002 to implement online order processing for obtaining copies of Jewish vital records.

In November 2006, this Agreement was terminated by the PSA. For more information, please click here.

Researchers can still order records indexed as part of the JRI-Poland/PSA Project directly from the Regional Archive where the records are maintained. Instructions and further information are found below.

Records indexed from LDS Microfilms or other sources cannot be ordered from PSA. For more information on obtaining records indexed from LDS Microfilms, please refer to the PSA Order System FAQ.

Procedure for Ordering Directly from PSA

The following is JRI-Poland's suggested procedure for ordering records directly from the PSA Regional Archives and branches.

Only records with index entries in search results tables with "PSA" in the title of the table should be ordered using this procedure. See the example below, which highlights this as well as the "Fond" and "Archive" where these records can be found. This information will be used to order the records.

PSA Search Results table

  • Search the JRI-Poland database at jri-poland.org/jriplweb.htm.
  • Identify records of interest.
    • If the search results table with the record of interest includes "PSA" in the title, then you will have to obtain that record from the Polish State Archives.
    • The heading will show the Regional Archive Branch and the Fond Number.
    • If "PSA" does not appear in the heading, the record was likely indexed from LDS microfilms. See instructions for obtaining LDS records at jri-poland.org/psa/orderfaq.htm#obtaining.
  • Copy the following information for each record of interest or use this Order Form. Please use a separate form for each Archive branch.
    • Archive Branch and Fond Number
    • Town
    • District or Signature Number, if applicable. (All orders for the city of Warsaw records to the Warsaw Archive must include District Number. All orders to the AGAD Archive must include Signature Number.
    • Year of Record & Type of Record (B=birth, M=marriage, D=death)
    • AKT Number
    • Surname and Given Name (if no surname, use father's surname)
    • Please be sure to transcribe the information exactly as it is shown in the JRI-Poland database or Excel file
  • Write to the Regional Archive(s). Click here for a list of Archives with mailing and email addresses.
    • Email is preferable, but can use regular mail.
    • Write in English. Polish is preferable if you can.
    • Provide the above information for all the records you want.
    • Ask them to provide the full cost of acquiring copies of those records and the method of payment.
  • Regional Archive should respond within 30 days, usually sooner.
    • Response will likely be in Polish
      • AGAD has been responding in English
    • Obtain a translation. Use JewishGen ViewMate, if needed.
    • Response will identify all costs and the total cost
      • Cost of copies
      • Cost of postage
      • Bank Fees of the Archive
    • Total Cost will be quoted in Zloty and possibly US Dollars or Euro
    • Most Archives will request payment by bank (wire) transfer directly to their account
      • Fees from your bank could be $20 to $60 US
    • Your copies will be mailed once your payment is received
  • If you do not hear from the Regional Archives within 30 days, contact PSA Headquarters at ndap@archiwa.gov.pl.
  • JRI-Poland provides these index entries as a service. We believe these index entries to be mostly accurate. If mistakes in these index entries result in an order not being completely filled, JRI-Poland cannot and will not take responsibility.

Questions Concerning the Ordering PSA Records

Before contacting the JRI-Poland Order Processing Help Desk, please consult the ORDER FAQ, which addresses questions in the following areas:

  • Researching Your Family
  • Obtaining records indexed from PSA projects
  • Obtaining records indexed from LDS Microfilms
  • Ordering Records Not Yet Online
  • Information Contained in My Record
  • Payment
  • Translation of Records

To contact the Order Processing Help Desk, please send your email to recordorders@jri-poland.org. Our volunteers will try to respond promptly.

On behalf of the Board of Directors,

Mark Halpern

Coordinator, Order Processing

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