Search Types

Searching the JRI-Poland Database

You can search by Surname, Given Name, and Town by using any of the following search types. You can search “Any Field” only by using the “is Exactly” search type.

  • Sounds Like: This is a Daitch-Mokotoff soundex search. Daitch-Mokotoff converts the phonetic sound of the name or town into a numeric code. Click here for more information.
Soundex searches can bring up many obviously false positives. To force the appearance of a specific letter in the search results rather than others with the same Soundex code, place square brackets [ ] around that letter. Example- a search for [B]OGANT will not result in any entries starting with W as in WOGANT.
  • Phonetically Like: This is a search using the Beider-Morse Phonetic Matching (BMPM) system. BMPM is an alternative to Daitch-Mokotoff soundex with fewer false hits. Click here for more information. (Note: The JRI-Poland Surname Distribution Mapper uses only the BMPM.)
  • Starts with: You must enter at least 3 letters to do a search. You cannot use a wildcard (* or ?) in the first 3 letters. 
  • is Exactly: Wildcards (* or ?) can be used anywhere in this search.

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